Professionally Led Groups

Professional lead therapy groups are groups of individuals who meet together regularly under the supervision of a therapist to work through issues they are struggling with. Group membership usually relies on dealing with a similar struggle or issue (for example – sex addiction or having been betrayed). Group therapy gives you the opportunity to connect to the experience of others, receive support in a safe and non-judgmental environment, see progress you’ve made, and gain hope for the future by connecting with individuals who may be further along in their process. Professionally-led groups may be for a specific period of time (for example – six weeks or twelve weeks), or they may require an initial commitment (like two months), then may allow ongoing membership for as long as the client wants to stay in the group.

Groups are often a helpful part of the recovery process. Professionally-led groups are useful for further exploring and putting into practice skills that individuals learn in their one-on-one sessions and other programs. 12-step groups are also useful throughout the recovery process and can help provide support and work towards sobriety. To find a 12-step group, click here.

Couples counseling is an important part of recovery. In early recovery, couples work focuses on building safety and trust. After the individual struggling with addiction has reached a stabilization point and maintained recovery using the skills and tools learned in the treatments detailed above, couples work can start building connection in a safe way. Couples counseling is vital to long-term recovery and healing. Talk to your individual counselor or therapist about how to best incorporate couples work into your recovery process. For couples workshops and programs, click here.